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Media Temple Productions
Sometimes, bad visual identities happen to good artists. It happens quite a lot, actually. Usually when an independent artist feels strongly about basing their performer identities around what feels good to them. Well, slippers feel nice, but you shouldn’t wear them on stage. And they certainly will not sell you to TigerBeat.

A great disconnect often happens when very talented musical artists think that their voices alone carry their success, and that they can take care of how they look because it doesn’t REALLY matter. They get dressed in the dark. Literally.

Media Temple Productions takes a true investment in the development of our artists. We are not a song factory that spits out songs for an artist and then shuts the door behind them. We intend to cultivate and develop each artist that works with us because we believe that this is the key to lasting success. The better our artists do, the better we do. So we go to every measure possible to push our artists to a clear visual message, a well-packaged product, access to our visibility platforms in various demographics, and…. a plan.

We want you to sell. We want to sell you.

Win/win. You hear that a lot around here.

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